Dr. James Day : Professor

Dr. James Day



I am a geologist and geochemist focusing on the research of volcanism and what the mineralogy and composition of rocks can tell about how the planets formed and evolved to their present-day states. I study asteroids and products formed in the mantle of Mars, the Earth, and the Moon. I also study terrestrial basaltic volcanism to further understand crust formation processes and the role of volcanism on Earth system cycles.
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 : Post-Doctoral Researcher

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Eleanor (Carrie) McIntosh : Graduate Student (PhD)

Eleanor (Carrie) McIntosh

Graduate Student (PhD)


Formation and Evolution of the Moon

Brian Oller : Graduate Student (PhD)

Brian Oller

Graduate Student (PhD)


Tectonics and mantle geochemistry (co-advised by Prof. N. Driscoll)


















Ph.D. Students

2018 Dr. Shi (Joyce) Sim, PhD (co-advised with D. Stegman) ‘Geodynamic models of ocean ridges’ [post-doctoral fellow at Carnegie Institution for Science] 2016 Dr. Bradley Peters, PhD ‘Secular and recent trends in the geochemistry of the Réunion hotspot and other global hotspots’ [post-doctoral fellow at ETH Zurich] 2016 Dr. Jasmeet Dhaliwal, PhD ‘Geochemical Constraints for Mechanisms of Planetary Differentiation and Volatile Depletion’ [post-doctoral fellow at UC Santa Cruz]

Master’s Students

2021 Taryn Linzmeyer MS – ‘The relationship between diamondiferous kimberlite and peridotite from the Cullinan Pipe, South Africa’
2021 Ian Yuh, MS – ‘Ancient ocean mantle beneath the Cascades inferred from the highly siderophile elements’
2020 Ben Kumler, MS – ‘Laser ablation ICP-MS study of eucrite meteorites’
2018 Nicole Phelan, MS ‘A survey of highly siderophile elements and incompatible trace elements in chondrites, and the implications for planetary feedstocks’
2018 Jacques Lyakov, MS ‘A laser ablation ICP-MS study of high field strength element anomalies in ocean island basalts’
2018 Eric Snortum, MS ‘The evolution of Western Pacific mantle lithosphere inferred from Aitutaki xenoliths’
2018 Jennifer Maria Benavides, MS ‘A mantle source for epithermal gold mineralization in the
Northern Nevada Rift’
2017 Diana Brown, MS 2017 ‘Studies of Tonga Trench Peridotites’
2016 Kimberley Reed, MS ‘Re-Os isotope study of Columbia River Continental Flood Basalts’
2015 Chris Corder, MS ‘Primitive and differentiated achondrite meteorites and partial melting in the early Solar System’
2013 Jorge Perez, MS ‘Origin of basalt-hosted epithermal gold-silver mineralization in the Fire Creek Deposit, Northern Nevada Rift from a whole-rock to grain-scale perspective’
2013 Caitlin Traver, MS ‘A petrological and geochemical study of mantle and crustal xenoliths from Lanzarote, Canary Islands’

Visiting Scientists and Post-Docs

Dr. Tim Jones – Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2020-2021
Ms. Rachel Hahn, Lab Assistant, 2019-2020
Dr. Marine Paquet, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 2017-2020
Dr. Emily Pringle, Scripps Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2017-2019
Dr. Rachel Bernard, Presidents Post-Doctoral Fellow 2018-2019 (senior mentor)
Mr. Ruan Hattingh, Lab Manager, 2017-2019
Dr. Lukas Ackerman, Fulbright Scholar (Czech Academy of Sciences), 2016
Dr. Kimberley Tait, Sabbatical (Royal Ontario Museum), 2014-2015
Dr. Christopher Waters, Scripps Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2011-2013
Lang Qin (visiting PhD student 2019-2020, National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Science)

Undergraduate Researchers

Patrick Russo (2022-present)
Haider Rangwaller (2021-present)
Kristen Lodel (2021-present)
Karen Wu (2018-2020)
Ian Yuh (2020)
Evelyn Haynes (2019-2020)
Taryn Linzmayer (2019-2020)
Jeffery Hernandez (2018-2019)
Harpret Batther (2018)
Allison Kubo (2015-2017)
Brendon Mendenhall (2015-2017)
Caleb Strom (2015-2016)
Margaret Deng (2014-2016)
Cesar Meija (2014)
Garett Steward (2014)
Courtney Jiskoot (2013)
Kristina Olsen (2013)
Dean Poeppe (2013)
Alyssa Hedden (2012)
Bridget Guiza (2012-2013)
Demian Nelson (2012-2013)